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We are currently using mdaemon for our email server running in parallels on a Mac mini. I would love to switch to a true Mac mail server but need to know it will work for our situation. From what I have read on the forum I'm confused,

We are a small business (3 employees) all on macs. We have been running outlook in parallels connected via outlook connector to our mdaemon server.

We have three different companies we all work for and so need to be able to send from any company domain. All our email is collected via pop3 from our isp so no MX records are set in our current solution. Similarly we send direct to email recipients with a fall back of smtp server by our ISP.

Obviously I cannot have recipients getting email from Jonathan < at> on behalf of Jonathan < at> Can kerio send discreetly if I set up multiple accounts in mail or outlook 2011? Is it also possible to send from multiple accounts from the webmail interface? We currently get an accounts drop down in our webmail.

All incoming email gets delivered by user name independent of domain into the users main inbox.

We have a set of public folders but again these are not domain specific. We also share my calendar as the main office calendar so it will sync with my win mobile (although I think I may have drowned it this week so might be in for an iPhone)

I would be grateful to know if kerio will be as good (if not better) than mdaemon and will work in my application.




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Most annoying thing in Kerio Connector (for Outlook) is that when we have multi mailbox configured it always send emails from default mailbox - even if you answer some mails from other mailbox it always puts your default address email as sender. So when we working with multiple mailbox and want to sent or answer from secendoary mailbox we have to remember to change the mailbox from we would like to send.


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Hello, I have the same problem.

We use the Webmail with a local domain and 3 aliases domains and it is impossible to change the send from address when we repply to a mail that arrived from a alias domain.

Kerio have now a solution for this very big problem ?

Thank a lot,

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Nobody has a solution for this problem ?


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At our company we have some users that are having 3 e-mail adresses from 3 different domains. Because some organization issues emails should be seperated.

Solution at our company :
- Create 3 outlook profiles
- Configure each seperate profile
- Give your users the istructions that if they want to switch from emails they have to close outlook and restart it. After that they choose the profile they want to go in

Question I get from some users : Is it possible to install all three account in one outlook profile

My Answer : No, it is not possible even though I know that it can Very Happy

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We have two emails in one Outlook. All sent emails goes to default users sent box.

Only way we can use Outlook with two accounts is that every time we want to send emails from another box is to change the default user and restart outlook.
This means we have to change the default user and restart outlook 30 times a day.

So there is no solution for this? Is this the best Kerio can do?

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Upgrade to the latest version (if not already done) then configure multiple accounts in kerio outlook connector offline.


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In Outlook, you can choose which sender that you want to send from, though it defaults to the Main profile. You have to remember to switch the Sender, but the sent email is actually from the selected Sender, and not a sent by UserA on behalf of UserB.

I don't see how to do it in either web client. If it is possible, it is not obvious.

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You are 3 companies, so I would set it up that way. This will cost you 3 times the kerio licenses, but that is ok. (having 3 companies multiplies some things by 3, like branding, domains, back office costs etc.)

Staring from the top, for company1 (does not matter which of the 3 is 1):

Point domain mx record to kerio mail server.

Point a 2nd mx record (with higher value like 20) to your domain hosting companies batch smtp (bsmtp) server, you need this in times when kerio is offline, your mail will get delivered to your second mx record, the bsmtp server at your hosting company, they will hold all the incoming mail for max 2 days usualy. and kerio will get it when its back online. you need to pay a small fee for this to your hoster.
sometimes its called "back up mx server" some hosters also say you can put there mx server as first mx record (set a lower value like 10) and that way they can also do spam scanning for you. but you dont want that as you want full control over all your email and your spam.

Setup Kerio with this domain (it will be the primary). create the users and groups, aliases etc..
Go over all the other settings in kerio..
You need to do all this before changing the mx records.
Set the public folders to global so all domains share the same public folders.
Buying a real SSL certificate for this domain would be some sweet icing on the cake but not a must, we buy rapidssl at namecheap .

On the client side.
We implement Apple mail / agenda / address book combo every where...some people where hesitant to switch so we setup there account in outlook too as a backup option, but in the end they never use it any longer Smile

Now repeat for the other 2 company domains!

You will end up with 3 accounts per person configured in there mail application, also on there iphones and ipads.
With the "unified inbox view" feature you see all the mail in one inbox!
You will always reply with the correct domain, or you can set it to one in the mail app settings.

Other noteworthy things

Open the ports on your firewall/nat router needed for the services listed in Kerio services section, talking about the kerio services, you need to turn some off, and there are some you do NOT want open in your firewall to the world!

Don't install Kerio Connect on OSX Server, ever since 10.7 or 10.8 server you will have port conflicts with kerio!
Put a good and super fast SSD in the mail server (mac mini?) at least a samsung 850 pro (but this is still cheap consumer grade stuff, you don't want your kerio backups on this drive.
hook the mini up to a ups backup.

Have a (cheap slow) second internet connection so you can get your mail flow back online if your main internet is down for longer. (you need to have a plan in place for this, as it will be stress when this hapens, and it will!)

Look at setting up an spf record (do this later)
Add a blacklist to the blacklists to fight spam even better! (you can do this later)

Get additional static ip addresses from your isp so you can use a separate ip for the kerio mail server as it is going to be THE sending mail server for your 3 domains you want it to have a clean wan ip. and not get black listed, get an account at dns stuff for the "mail server test center" and "domain report" tools, also check if your current ip maybe is black listed somewhere already!

for usernames always use the full email addresses, strictly this is not need for loggin in to an account in the primary domain, but people tend to mix them up.

To setup Apple mail you can use the auto setup configuration tool (a download from webmail).
but you can only this for one account (do the primary domain) for the other accounts in the other 2 domains setup up manually in apple mail. Not sure if this applies for ios too..
Turn off apple Mail apps "move to spam folder setting"

install istat server on the mini and the app on iphone/ipad (its fun)
have Simon 3 running on a mac somewhere externaly to monitor if kerio is up, and email you when it goes down! (dont use your own kerio account here ofcourse but something like your icloud or gmail account Smile

my 2 cents...


[Updated on: Thu, 25 September 2014 11:36]


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I know you need to change the Sender in Outlook when sending emails. When you change the Sender Sent mails will go to default users Sent box.

For example:
UserA (default)

Emails are sent correctly, Sender is the one you select (UserA or UserB) - no problem in that.

But all Sent emails goes to UserA's Sent box, no matter which one is the Sender.

And there is no solution for this?
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