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John A.

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Problem fixed in version 7.3.1 patch 1 (build 6130)! (10-1-2012)

Question if others also see this problem:
(running 7.3.1 on OSX 10.6.Cool
500 users, 750Gbyte mail database, about 10.000 messages a day..

The process keeps some queue files as open, even if the queue is delivered well.
(we made already an official ticker out of it)

For example:

$lsof -c mailserve | grep queue

I see a lot off open queue files:
mailserve 84458 root 3r REG 14,5 3633 493267263 /mailserver/store/queue/00/4ee5bdb6-00000441.emf
mailserve 84458 root 68r REG 14,5 91758 493447165 /mailserver/store/queue/1a/4ee5fc0e-000014e4.emf

While the queue is already empty and delivered, they stay open (lsof):

$file /mailserver/store/queue/00/4ee5bdb6-00000441.emf
/mailserver/store/queue/00/4ee5bdb6-00000441.emf: cannot open `/mailserver/store/queue/00/4ee5bdb6-00000441.emf' (No such file or directory)
$file /mailserver/store/queue/1a/4ee5fc0e-000014e4.emf
/mailserver/store/queue/1a/4ee5fc0e-000014e4.emf: cannot open `/mailserver/store/queue/1a/4ee5fc0e-000014e4.emf' (No such file or directory)

grep 4ee5bdb6-00000441 mail.log

[12/Dec/2011 09:39:18] Recv: Queue-ID: 4ee5bdb6-00000441, Service: SMTP, From: <[/email]>, To: <fake<_at_>>, Size: 3409, Sender-Host:
[12/Dec/2011 09:39:18] Sent: Queue-ID: 4ee5bdb6-00000441, Recipient: <fake<_at_>>, Result: delivered, Status: 2.0.0

Every day, more and more queue files keep in use by the process ($lsof -c mailserve | grep queue | wc -l , for example about 480 per day )
, till there are too much open files (we got an socklib.cpp error) and we have to restart the process!
The strange thing is, about the 10.000 messages a day, only a random couple (about 500 a day) stays open by the process. In the meanwhile we restart the mail server every night, to clear them. (but that's not the normal way...)

I am curious about others, who can see the same thing. (before version 7.3, it never exists in our situation)


[Updated on: Mon, 16 January 2012 10:59]


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I can confirm this- we're also running Kerio 7.3.1 on OS X 10.6.
We have ~200 accounts- after four days of uptime, we had 264 queue files stuck open.
Restarting Kerio cleared them out, but the count is slowly rising again...

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Maybe java (fulltext searching) makes something similar (KC 7.3.1 on OpenSuSE 12.1):

lsof -c java |grep deleted
java 1481 root 11r REG 104,17 2505870 393036 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/2bc952e5-ae5e-405d-b82e-1bb248876df8/_y6.tis.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 12r REG 104,17 5288631 472287 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/2bc952e5-ae5e-405d-b82e-1bb248876df8/_y6.frq.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 13r REG 104,17 5299443 472294 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/2bc952e5-ae5e-405d-b82e-1bb248876df8/_y6.prx.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 14r REG 104,17 566668 219996 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/2bc952e5-ae5e-405d-b82e-1bb248876df8/_y6.fdt.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 15r REG 104,17 50148 327760 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/2bc952e5-ae5e-405d-b82e-1bb248876df8/_y6.fdx.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 16r REG 104,17 81488 24191 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/2bc952e5-ae5e-405d-b82e-1bb248876df8/_y6.nrm.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 17r REG 104,17 836588 382333 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/834afe59-b21b-44d9-8337-e1394afc25c8/_g5.tis.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 18r REG 104,17 1466970 443660 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/834afe59-b21b-44d9-8337-e1394afc25c8/_g5.frq.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 19r REG 104,17 1520976 452573 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/834afe59-b21b-44d9-8337-e1394afc25c8/_g5.prx.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 20r REG 104,17 1019715 451479 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d310c65a-d946-4284-a7bc-5898b142226b/_1m8.tis. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 21r REG 104,17 1108168 472022 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d310c65a-d946-4284-a7bc-5898b142226b/_1m8.frq. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 22r REG 104,17 4729 472624 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d6e61bc3-6dd4-4d84-acb1-edde560c24ff/_132.cfs. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 23r REG 104,17 1512644 290474 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d6e61bc3-6dd4-4d84-acb1-edde560c24ff/_131.tis. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 24r REG 104,17 2952255 407958 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d6e61bc3-6dd4-4d84-acb1-edde560c24ff/_131.frq. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 25r REG 104,17 5774 475303 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d310c65a-d946-4284-a7bc-5898b142226b/_1ma.cfs. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 26r REG 104,17 174464 378433 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/834afe59-b21b-44d9-8337-e1394afc25c8/_g5.fdt.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 27r REG 104,17 15572 378664 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/834afe59-b21b-44d9-8337-e1394afc25c8/_g5.fdx.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 28r REG 104,17 25302 454064 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/834afe59-b21b-44d9-8337-e1394afc25c8/_g5.nrm.l db (deleted)
java 1481 root 29r REG 104,17 4770 471977 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d310c65a-d946-4284-a7bc-5898b142226b/_1m9.cfs. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 31r REG 104,17 1003060 472581 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/a6f19aca-854a-4432-9eee-de3b2b76eb25/_1bh.tis. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 32r REG 104,17 1434766 474217 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/a6f19aca-854a-4432-9eee-de3b2b76eb25/_1bh.frq. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 33r REG 104,17 1595233 474405 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/a6f19aca-854a-4432-9eee-de3b2b76eb25/_1bh.prx. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 34r REG 104,17 152952 399671 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/a6f19aca-854a-4432-9eee-de3b2b76eb25/_1bh.fdt. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 35r REG 104,17 13476 472569 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/a6f19aca-854a-4432-9eee-de3b2b76eb25/_1bh.fdx. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 36r REG 104,17 1200369 472277 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d310c65a-d946-4284-a7bc-5898b142226b/_1m8.prx. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 37r REG 104,17 128401 195537 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d310c65a-d946-4284-a7bc-5898b142226b/_1m8.fdt. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 38r REG 104,17 11436 387495 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d310c65a-d946-4284-a7bc-5898b142226b/_1m8.fdx. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 39r REG 104,17 18581 472529 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d310c65a-d946-4284-a7bc-5898b142226b/_1m8.nrm. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 40r REG 104,17 3282113 459301 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d6e61bc3-6dd4-4d84-acb1-edde560c24ff/_131.prx. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 41r REG 104,17 326444 251308 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d6e61bc3-6dd4-4d84-acb1-edde560c24ff/_131.fdt. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 42r REG 104,17 28516 290016 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d6e61bc3-6dd4-4d84-acb1-edde560c24ff/_131.fdx. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 43r REG 104,17 46336 471993 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/d6e61bc3-6dd4-4d84-acb1-edde560c24ff/_131.nrm. ldb (deleted)
java 1481 root 47r REG 104,17 21896 474448 /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/fulltext/6fe3a7a1-d20b-49de-aabc -a79684fc0a50/a6f19aca-854a-4432-9eee-de3b2b76eb25/_1bh.nrm. ldb (deleted)

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I've been monitoring this for a week now:


Bug or what?

[Updated on: Thu, 22 December 2011 09:48]


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We have the same problem here after the upgrade to 7.3.1, on Windows 2008 x86 server.

I have already made a support ticket for it.

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Same problem... Server eventually locks up after 4-8 days, depending on traffic. Ticket open...apparently a bugfix is in the works.

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Installed Patch 1 last night which seems to have cleared this problem for me. Good luck.
John A.

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Yes, installed 7.3.1 patch 1 build 6130, and that problem seems to be fixed. (day 1)...

Just like in the release notes:
Version 7.3.1 patch 1 - January 6, 2012

Kerio Connect
- Fixed removing of temporary .emf files.
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