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I'm looking for alternative solution for Microsoft Exchange. Its database size keep growing and exchange has causing more problems than ever. I have a few questions for currenty Kerio mailserver users. We have about 20 email accounts and few of the email accounts are over 2gb of mailbox size.

1) How is the outlook performance compared to Exchange when using KOC/Outlook?

2) How smooth or rough does the process goes when migrating from Exchange server? Is the migration tool buggy or unsafe?

3) How is the overall performance of the mailserver compared to Exchange server?

4) Did you choose to purchase Kerio w/ Mcafee AV bundle? Or did you purchase another option AV for it? I'm looking cheapest solution possible.

5) Are there any serious stability or performance bugs that I should be aware of?

I've looked other places like outsource exchange and mailserver solutions. I came across with MDaemon but MDaemon charges Outlook connector plugin for seperately. MDaemon plus outlook connector eventually cost about the same compared to Kerio mailserver.

I really hope you guys can help me choose please. Thanks.

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You really should have searched the forum for the answers but here goes:

1) KOC/Outlook is TONS slower than when using Exchange

2) The migration tool is still a beta and does tend to be a little 'flaky' You will likely end up importing/exporting PST's to perform the migration.

3) The performance of the mailserver is usually OK. Spamassassin takes a fair bit of cpu time but the real slowness is on the clients.

4) We use the Symantec scan engine - probably not the cheapest, about 10GBP per user I think.

5) Performance bugs - YES - See Above. As for stability the server side is pretty stable lately but you will get some mystery outlook client crashes.

- Yes, but maybe MDaemon's Outlook Connector is better - I haven't tried it lately. I really like the KMS Admin console but the Outlook Connector is rubbish..!


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It's an easy decision to make.

If money is no concern, get Exchange (better performance and job safer).

If you can't see yourself going over the 75 Gb standard exchange limit, get Exchange (for 20 people, that'd be pretty good going but who knows...)

If money is something you need to worry about (most people do i guess), get KMS (2gb mailbox with outlook connector... good luck.. hohoho.. but hey, it's at least a third cheaper and 'in general', it works...)

Honestly tho, if Outlook connector was fast, I would say, GET KMS without any hesitation but it's not.

It's just the Outlook speed... grrrr... shame shame.. the ONE thing most users want is fast access to their mail.

Ferrari or VW Polo? One is fast and expensive, the other is slow and cheap but it gets from A to B.

Why don't u try it out? U can dload an evaluation copy. Export your LARGEST mailbox. Use Outlook on it and see what u think. Good luck! =)

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One think I wish I had looked closer at prior to purchasing is the support. As far as I can tell(and this is only because my sales rep has not called back to clarify) when you purchase a support agreement you are given priority over other users but that is all. There is no support in the states past 5 pm PST and your best off not waiting on the phone due to the fact that you are in there with the free firewall users requesting support also. SO if you do need to submit a ticket it should be via the online form where they can easily differentiate yourself vs users w/o an agreement. But even with that typical response time is 1-2 days. If someone says otherwise please correct me but this is what I understand thus far in dealing with the product.

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bharper wrote on Mon, 12 December 2005 13:53

There is no support in the states past 5 pm PST and your best off not waiting on the phone due to the fact that you are in there with the free firewall users requesting support also.

I just wanted to clarify, we do not offer phone support to KPF users, so if you are on hold in the queue, you are waiting behind other paying customers.

Kevin Trumbull
Kerio Technical Support Team Leader

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I'll have to jump in on this one...

I don't know how much your location affects what kind of support you get, but my experience in New York State(from the hell days last fall of 6.0.3) with support has always been excellent. The "level 1" people are quite knowledgable - far beyond your standard "level 1" support - and I can't ever say enough good things about Ken in level 2.
KMS 6.0.x was a disaster - it went from 6.0.3 in November 04 to 6.0.10 by May 05. Regular crashes, horrible KOC, etc etc. We would have switched servers, painful as that is, if it weren't for the honest, capable support staff. True, afterhours isn't available, but I'll live with that. I generally get a person when I call, and if not, I usually get a call back within 6 hours.

KMS 6.1.1
OS X Server 10.3.9
AD integrated
50 KOC, 10 Mac Mail

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Bit of an update to all you users and wannabe-users of KMS.

I recently complained about how slow KOC is.

I was running it on a single Xeon 2.4 Ghz server with 1 Gb RAM with a GB ethernet connection.

I have about 70 users.

KOC was SLOW and it was running on fast desktop PCs. Deleting 5 emails at a time would take about 5-10 seconds. Scrolling through emails was slow and irritating. Searching and sorting, well, u might as well walk away and do something else for a while.

Now, I have upgraded the server to a server with 2 x dual core 2.8 Ghz processors and 4 Gb of RAM.

At the same time, I have upgraded to 6.1.2

The performance increase in KOC is noticeable. When I am deleting 20 emails, it is instant.

When I scroll, there is only a slightly noticeable delay. I can search and sort without having to gnash my teeth.

This is my experience on my inbox which has 900 pieces of mail.

Altho it's not as fast as Outlook/PST, the performance is acceptable.

So, if you have KMS/KOC performance issues, buy yourself a monster server and you will notice an improvement.

Not sure how obvious that is but it's nice to know that u can get acceptable performance one way or another.

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Your very much faster server will help a lot, but I wonder if maybe the 6.1.2 upgrade is also responsible for (part of?) the speed increase. Did you run 6.1.2 on the previous server?

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Nah, unfortunately no... mainly cos of the timing of when the server arrived and when the patch came out.

But yeah, if it was the new patch, then Kerio are going in the right direction imo.

So in case the patch had any part in it, well done Kerio! If not, come on Kerio, give us more KoC improvements... haha.

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KMS 6.1.2 with Mcaffev AV
on IBM M50 PIV 2.8 and 768MB ram running SLES 9
well with 60 users the server is very fast - I don't use it's webmail - we use HORDE/IMP as webmail that runs from other machine - it runs fast -
we don't use any KOC - but pure IMAP - and the proformance are great - -
6.1.2 has noticeable improvement
no crashes , very reliable abit expensive - since after all we don't use it's group utilities -

BTW - support is great - especially Ken from 2nd level


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I run KMS 6.1.2 with 50 KOC users and 70 POP3 users on a single PIII 1.13G windows 2000 machine with 1gb Ram. The performance for local KOC users is acceptable and I find the product to be VERY stable (6.0.10 on). As far as bang for the buck goes it is exceptional. Also, the server can be processing a 500-1000 emails an hour while checking for viruses and spam and never bog down like exchange did. I do have one wish and that is KOC had offline support, which would make the KOC experience much better than it is. Lastly, I have called support and must say I have never had more than a 5 minute wait and the techs have always been able to quickly (10-15 mins) solve whatever issue it was.

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I have recently done a migration from Exchange to Kerio this may be of use to you.

Briefly and in my opinion I am very pleased with the outcome. Kerio mail server is very good. Most of my clients use Kerio as POP3 clients as I was put off by comments about the KOC. However I use the KOC and find it quite good although it isn't as good as MS Outlook connecting to MS Exchange. Kerio do seem to be working hard to improve the KOC and rightly so as I believe it to be a critical component when migrating from Exchange.

The Exchange migration tool worked perfectly.

I have about 50 clients and the performance of the mail server is great. In fact it seems to work better as it's not lugging around a huge Exchange database.

One really great feature of Kerio over Exchange (5.5) is the spam filtering and the administration tool.
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